• Question: Can I use natural gas in my DuroMax generator?
  • Answer: No! The DuroMax line of dual fuel generators is intended to be used only with propane or gasoline.
  • Question: How do I use the 120/240 switch?
  • Answer: For home use, leave the 120/240 switch in the 240 positions. Doing this will “supply the home with the same power as your electric company and will run all your 120 volts and 240-volt appliances as needed”. Also, “place the switch the 120-volt mode if you are using the generator tools, extension cords, RVs and other appliance that usees only 120volts. This will double the 120v only amperage to hand heavy 120volts loads”.
  • Question: What is the propane gas pressure required to run the generator on propane?
  • Answer: Set the gas pressure to a minimum of 3PSI for propane.
  • Question: What kind of oil should I use and how often should I change it.
  • Answer: The recommended oil is 10w30 oil and the oil be changed every 20 hours of usage.
  • Question: Is the power produced by the generator clean enough to run computers, and more.?
  • Answer: “Duromax open frame generators are direct AC generators. The Total Harmonic Distortion can be as low as 10% under load, but this is too high for sensitive electronics”. “Just use a quality line conditioner on the sensitive appliance and you should be ok”.
  • Question: Who makes DuroMax Motors?
  • Answer: The motors are engineered in Ontario and California, USA and built to DuroMax specifications overseas.
  • Question: Do the generators come with everything that is needed to use it?
  • Answer: They normally come with all that is needed to run the generator except for the fuel.
  • Question: What are some advantages of Dual Fuel Generators?
  • Answer: Clean-burning propane never goes bad, easier to store and produce fewer emissions
  • Question: How long is the Warranty and where do I go for service?
  • Answer: Your DuroMax generator comes with 3 year on residential and 1 year for commercial. DuroMax has support at 844-Duramax for help with service and questions or issues.
  • Question: Does the generator charge batteries while running?
  • Answer: Every Duromax electric start generators “will recharge the battery while running. The unit has a recharge indicator light on the front panel that will go out once the battery is charged”.

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