duromax xp4400e portable generator review

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator Review

Can Provide Sufficient Power for Your Camper

Some of us are happy just to keep the lights on, be able to listen to the radio, and be able to charge essential electronics like mobile phones during a power outage. So, for them, a compact generator will do quite nicely. If you’re like them and you’re looking for one such compact generator, consider the DuroMax XP4400E. It can provide you with enough power for your basic needs and then some, especially when you’re traveling in an RV. And it can run continuously for a pretty long time.


  • Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Starting watts: 4,400 W
  • Running watts: 3,500 W
  • Voltage: 120V/240VAC and 12VDC
  • Amperage: 29.17A/14.58A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Horsepower: 7.5 HP
  • Engine type: 4-cycle, air-cooled, spark-ignition
  • Engine size: 208cc
  • Engine speed: 3,600rpm
  • Start type: electric, recoil
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.96 gallons
  • Runtime at half load: 11.46 hours
  • Volume level: 69dB
  • EPA- and CARB-approved for all 50 states

Engine capacity and wattage

The star of DuroMax’s XP4400E model is, without a doubt, its 208-cc, 7.5-horsepower engine. It starts with a simple flick of a switch on the control panel. When loaded, this machine can generate a starting wattage of 4,400 W and a running wattage of 3,500 W.

This means you can safely keep the lights, the refrigerator, and a few small appliances on at the same time with this generator. These small appliances include cellphone chargers, radio, box fans, and lamps. You can even plug a small TV set if you need to. However, if you intend to plug in appliances with heavier loads, such as your washing machine, air conditioner, space heater, or water heater, you’re better off with a different machine.

The XP4400E has a built-in muffler that’s designed to keep the noise and emissions it produces to a minimum. This model has a noise rating of 69 decibels; in theory, that’s about as loud as a hair dryer.

If you want this machine to last you a long time, it’s important that you follow the instructions for breaking it in to the letter. Breaking it in means changing oil a few times before you first use it. DuroMax recommends SAE 10W-30 oils for their generator engines. This type of oil has the ideal viscosity for this particular engine design. Other oils, particularly those meant for use with two-stroke gasoline engines and oils loaded with additives, may be too abrasive for the engine.

Fuel consumption

The DuroMax XP4400E runs on gasoline. The gasoline tank on this machine can hold up to 3.96 gallons. With this much fuel, you can keep this generator running continuously at ideal conditions for almost 12 hours. This device has a caveat, though. At high altitudes, it tends to guzzle more gasoline, produce more emissions, and work on decreased horsepower. The only thing you can do to slow down its fuel consumption, reduce its emissions, and function on its supposed horsepower rating is to have your dealer modify the generator’s carburetor.


One of the advantages of this portable generator is it sports unique MX2 power-boosting technology. With this technology, you can plug in appliances and electronics on both 120V and 240V simultaneously. Alternatively, you can just direct all the power this machine produces to the 120V outlets by hitting the voltage selector switch. This machine has three outlets: one 120/240V 30A twist lock and two 120V 20A GFCI outlets.

Ideal usage

DuroMax markets this generator model as ideal for campers and followers of the RV lifestyle. It’s supposedly able to produce enough electricity to keep a campsite well-lit and comfortable. True enough, this machine is capable of generating sufficient power for lamps, cellphone and battery chargers, a box fan, a radio, and maybe a small electric outdoor cooker at the same time. So, if you’re tent camping or driving a small five-wheeler, this generator may work well. But if you intend to use it as a backup in case the RV campground you landed at doesn’t have an electric hookup and you drive a big, bus-sized RV, you may be better off with a machine with bigger wattage.

As a backup generator for home or workshop use, though, this machine is a good choice. That’s especially true if you only intend to use it to keep the lights on, charge your devices and batteries, and run small, basic appliances. But you may not be able to keep your air conditioner or space heater running at the same time.

What’s in the box

  • Oil funnel
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Tool set (wrenches and double-sided screw driver)
  • Wheel and handle kit
  • DC charging cables
  • Downloadable owner’s manual

What users say about the DuroMax XP4400E

For most reviewers, this portable generator has given them good value for their money. These reviewers stated that the product only has enough power for a small house or RV and they’re fully aware of it.

The only negative feedback available as of this writing involves the noise this generator produces. Many users found it too loud. But this reaction is mixed, as there are users who found this generator to be quiet enough.

Need more info on the XP4400E Model portable generator? You can check out the product’s page here.

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